Parents understanding on measles: a study in Al-Elwyia paediatric hospital in Baghdad province, Iraq

  • Abdul Mahdi A. Hasan Paediatric & Mental Health Nursing, College of Nursing, Babylon University, Babylon, Iraq.


Objectives The findings of the study have proved that there is a high significant positive relationship between the parents’ knowledge andtheir demographic variables (age, educational level, occupation and residential area). In general, knowledge of parents related to measleswas low however, the parents applied preventive practices towards their children with measles. A cross-sectional study was conducted inAl-Elwyia paediatric teaching hospital in Baghdad from the middle of June till the end of September 2014, in order to identify parents’knowledge of their children with measles.Aim To identify the effectiveness of traditional knowledge of parents’ whose children suffer from measles.Methodology Purposive sample of 100 parents who accompanied their children with measles have been selected. The reliability of the instrumentwas determined through a test and validating through a panel of experts. The data was analysed through the application of descriptive statisticalanalysis that include frequency, mean, mean of scores, standard deviation and percentage and the application of inferential statistical analysis thatinclude Pearson correlation coefficient, chi-square, and analysis of variance for the differences test of the study group.Results The results of the study indicated a positive effect on the knowledge of parents.Recommendations The researchers recommended preparing and implementing the knowledge for parents with measles, and for medicaland nursing staff to give them knowledge about the condition.
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HASAN, Abdul Mahdi A.. Parents understanding on measles: a study in Al-Elwyia paediatric hospital in Baghdad province, Iraq. Journal of Contemporary Medical Sciences, [S.l.], v. 2, n. 5, p. 2-8, apr. 2016. ISSN 2413-0516. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 21 oct. 2021.


measles, children, tradition, parents