Depression and Suicide into Adolescence (12–18) years in Rehabilitation Health Center, in AL-Hilla City

  • Abdul Mahdi A. Hasan Department of Paediatric and Mental Health Nursing, College of Nursing, University of Babylon, Hilla City


Objectives To identify patients’ demographical data for the assessment of depression and suicide in adolescence, and to address over thepressure negative consequences.Methods Descriptive design study was used to the patients with depression and suicide among adolescent (12-18)years with psychologicalstress that effect his life style descriptive study used (50) patient brood, randomly selected, and the data collected during the interview withthe disease by demographic data included a questionnaire and an elaborate global survey. The data were analyzed by statistical methods,which included frequencies, percentage. The purpose of the study was to evaluate depression and suicide in adolescences, and recommendpaying attention to the psychological state of adolescences depression and suicide in adolescence in health center. This study was carriedout in the health center during (from November 18, 2015 to January 12, 2016).Results Depression was higher in this study than other studies, higher prevalence of depression in adolescences patients with age between 17 and18 years (46%). 50% of patients feel the sadness and depression. 50% of patients feel unhappy to the degree painful. 40% of patients feeldisappointed in their self. 45% of patients are thinking about suicide. 41% of patients fear for their health and physical pain to the point of worrying.Conclusion The result shows that the study recommends need to work on early detection of depressive symptoms to adolescences. It alsoemphasizes that the negligence of the diagnostic process symptoms in this age group leads to insanity and suicide to involve young people aspossible causes of culture. Since this leads to self-promote as well as reduces the decrease of pessimism and isolation. This would alleviate thedepressive symptoms. Attention to psychosocial and social support for young people, by creating a state of confdence as well as through theestablishment of altrohed and programs that reduce the cases of grief and depression symptoms and work on understanding to the explain ofemotions and its problems, difculties experienced, discuss the reasons and fears concerned confusion and help him his administration at all level.
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