Prevalence and ultrasound features of poly cystic ovaries in Kerbala - Iraq

  • Zena M. Al hindawi College of medicine, Kerbala University, Iraq.


Objective: The prevalence of PCO is still greatly unidentified in our country so the current study presents the prevalence and ultrasound of PCO.
Method: This prospective study which was studied in 106 women with age ranging between 18 and 47 years old had been enrolled outpatient clinic from February 2016 to August 2017 presenting with menstrual abnormality or infertility, ethically permission was taken from them for ultrasonography.
Result: The accepted ultrasound features of PCO is the existence of twelve  or higher number of follicles in ovaries with size measured ranging between two to nine millimeter was  88 from 106 females ;volume of ovary measured higher than 10 cm3 was  80 from those 106 females ; a distribution of follicles in ovary seen to be peripherally arranged  was 78 (73.6 %) and increase echogenicity and thickness of ovarian stroma was  63 (59.4 %).
Conclusion: The study result that the highest sensitivity criteria in establishing the diagnosis of PCO is the presence of twelve follicles in ovary or higher number of follicles with size measured ranging  between two to nine millimeter.
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