Psycho-social and medical patterns of psychiatric disorders in multiple sclerosis patients, Baghdad-Iraq

  • Abbas Saeed Abed Jassim Aleessa Specialist Psychiatrist, Department of Psychiatry, Ministry of Health, Baghdad, Iraq.


Objective: Multiple sclerosis is a common neurological disease that causes physical and psychological morbidity. Psychological disorders, especially the mood disorder, are the most common manifestation of psych. Morbidity in multiple sclerosis and the adjustment disorders is the commonest psychiatric disorder.Aim: This study aims to estimate the rate of psychiatric disorders among patients with multiple sclerosis and to know the commonest psychiatric disorders.Methods: The sample consists of 63 patients are attending a multiple sclerosis clinic in Baghdad Teaching Hospital in Medical City. Diagnostic statistical of mental health disorder-version V (DSM-V) criteria, general health questionnaire (GHQ) and socio demographic data were used for the diagnosis.Results: The results showed that 63 patients have mental disorders. There is a significant relationship between mental disorders and patients who use the treatment of interferon 22.64% of the total number of patient samples with suicidal ideas.Conclusions: Multiple sclerosis is a common neurological disease. The mental state of patients with multiple sclerosis may be affected by the disease sequel and/or its drug treatment producing variable clinical manifestations. In this study, significant correlations between socio-demographic characteristics and psychiatric disorders in multiple sclerosis, adjustment disorders are the most common psychiatric disorder in multiple sclerosis. The psychiatric disorders were higher in women than in men. There is a significant relation between psychiatric disorders and patients’ treatment with Rebif B-interferon high percentage (23.809%) of patients have suicidal ideations most of them suffer from major depressive disorder (MDD).
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ALEESSA, Abbas Saeed Abed Jassim. Psycho-social and medical patterns of psychiatric disorders in multiple sclerosis patients, Baghdad-Iraq. Iraqi Journal of Public Health, [S.l.], v. 1, n. 3, dec. 2017. ISSN 2521-7267. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 30 july 2021.